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Vinson Hall Retirement Community Men Stay Engaged and Stay Healthy

June is Men’s Health Month. During this month, we look to our male residents who are living rewarding lives and optimizing their health at the same time. These men offer great examples for others who are looking for ways to stay active, connected and inspired at Vinson Hall Retirement Community.

You might’ve thought that retirement would be a time to take it easy and devote yourself to relaxing. But our residents confirm what researchers from Harvard are now saying — you might not want to take it too easy. Doing either too little or too much might just lead to feelings of stress, anxiety, depression or insomnia.

After leaving behind a lifetime of a nine-to-five, many of our male residents find it vital to create a new routine. Looking forward to meaningful and fulfilling activities is important for both mental and physical wellbeing. Whether it’s volunteering, pursuing a new skill, joining a book club or playing pickle ball, retirement is your opportunity to develop personal interests, stay social and live a fun and healthy retirement lifestyle.

Stay Active for Good Physical Health

At Vinson Hall Retirement Community, some of our male residents have actively shifted into a positive retirement mindset by staying active in community athletics. Here on campus, community members enjoy participating in organized sports like pool volleyball, pickleball and bocce ball. Others look forward to special events like the Annual Cornhole Tournament which always brings out a crowd. There’s something for every level of fitness and interest.

Participate in Extracurricular Activities

It’s easy to stay as busy as you like on campus with so many activities to choose from. One activity especially for the gents is the men’s book club. During their monthly meeting, residents continue to learn and engage while at the same time build and maintain great connections with their neighbors. There’s also a regular bridge group if that’s your thing. And some residents enjoy the monthly investment club to stay on top of financial and market trends. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, start your own group. Help create the fun!

Volunteering is fulfilling

Helping others is another way that many of our male residents feel engaged. Your volunteer activities don’t come to an end because you’ve retired. In our Hobby Shop, which is fully stocked with a variety of woodworking equipment and tools, residents find fulfillment in helping repair furniture, lamps and watches. Once a year the Hobby Shop has some younger visitors from a local Cub Scout group who receive assistance from our Hobby Shop regulars in preparing for the annual Pinewood Derby.

So many of our residents use their new-found free time to commit themselves to projects they are passionate about. Jack Hannon, who has lived in VHRC’s newest building – Willow Oak – since it opened in 2014, began his commitment to the Boy Scouts 40 years ago as a troop leader and retirement didn’t slow down his enthusiasm for the organization at all. “Every time I have thought maybe it's time to step down,” said Jack, “here came another crop of promising young men who might just need a little help along the way. I like to say, ‘My investments are all walking around.’”

Stay connected and engaged with personal interests

Several community members keep their passions alive by maintaining outside connections with veterans’ organizations like VFW Post 8241 in McLean or with alumni organizations. Another of our Willow Oak residents, Peter Linn, is involved with the West Point Alumni Glee Club. “I love to sing and have been blessed with a good tenor voice,” said Peter. “Since 2008, I have been singing with the West Point Alumni Glee Club. Our mission has evolved to one of continuing to serve, through our performances. Our motto is ‘No Fun without Music, no Music without Fun.’”

All of the options available at Vinson Hall Retirement Community can make your retirement adventure easier and more fun. If you’d like to learn more about how residents stay active and engaged at VHRC, visit and schedule a tour.

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