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About Us

Ensuring you “live life your way.”

Over 50 years ago, the members of the Naval Officers’ Wives’ Club had a vision to build a retirement community to benefit the widows of military officers. Together, with the corresponding clubs of the Coast Guard and the Marine Corps, their vision was realized when the newly established Navy Marine Coast Guard Residence Foundation opened the doors in 1969 to what is now a vibrant senior living community, Vinson Hall Retirement Community.

Our Mission
We enrich the lives of those around us, so they are free to live life to the fullest.

Our Vision
We will lead in creating and delivering innovative solutions, so those around us can live life “their way.”

Our Values
Dignity, Security, and Friendship

Our Foundation Staff

Libby Bush

CEO of Vinson Hall Retirement Community and Executive Director of Navy Marine Coast Guard Residence Foundation

Rick Bova

Treasurer of Navy Marine Coast Guard Residence Foundation and CFO/COO Vinson Hall Retirement Community

Michele Parra

Executive Assistant

Michelle Crone

Director of Philanthropy and Engagement

Contact by email at

Amiee Henderson Freeman

Communications and Public Relations Specialist

Philanthrophy Coordinator

Our Foundation Board of Trustees

W. Mark Skinner, VADM, USN (Ret)


Cynthia A. Dullea, RDML, NC, USN (Ret)

Vice Chairman

W. Scott Slocum, CAPT, USN (Ret)


Sandy Daniels, RADM, USN (Ret)


Libby Bush, M.A., LNHA, CASP

Executive Director


RDML Annie B. Andrews, USN (Ret)

RDML Michael J. Browne, USN (Ret)

CAPT Weston D. Burnett, JAGC, USN (Ret)

Mrs. Lori Carbonneau

RADM Pat Dawson, USN (Ret)

CAPT Sushil K. Jain, MC, USN (Ret)

Col John C. Roots, USMC (Ret)

CAPT Francis "Bud" Dougherty, USN (Ret)

President, Vinson Hall Resident Association

CAPT John E. Arnold, USN (Ret.)

Resident and Volunteer Member

Emeritus Volunteer Trustees

RADM David P. Keller, SC, USN (Ret)

RADM Frederic G. Sanford, MC, USN (Ret)