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Most of us are intimately familiar with the ways our brains change over time. Processing power hits its peak in our 20s, so by age 40 to 50, many people are conscious of the beat or two it takes to recall a word or fact.  But while our brains may change as we age, like any other muscle, training and exercise can keep our minds sharp and in shape. The Center on Aging at American Institutes for Research noted in a 2014 study that cognitive training could also reduce health care costs.

At Vinson Hall Retirement Community, we recognize that cognitive training starts with maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. Our campus activities and amenities are organized to support our residents’ mental wellness. From lifelong learning to social events, here are the top five ways residents are keeping their minds sharp in our community:

  • Join a class on campus: Keep your brain active by learning new things through one of our educational classes on campus. They’re as varied as residents’ interests, and you’re sure to find something you’d enjoy – from tech classes to bridge lessons and photography. Be sure to check our monthly calendar for updates on our many offerings.
  • Care for your physical health: Caring for your physical health is actually one way to boost your mental health. Take advantage of our fitness center, where our certified trainers will guide you in improving your strength, stamina, balance and flexibility. Take advantage of yoga classes, HASfit, pool volleyball and so much more.
  • Maintain a healthy diet: Eating well is yet another way to care for your brain health as an older adult. Nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids, flavonoids, vitamins B, D and E, and choline have been associated with improved cognitive function in older adults. Evidence also suggests that the Mediterranean diet is associated with a lower risk of dementia. Consider adding fish and olive oil to your next meal.
  • Engage with brain games: A recent article by Forbes Health offers some great ideas for exercises that older adults can do to stimulate their brain by challenging memory, focus and problem-solving skills. These include doing crossword or jigsaw puzzles, playing card games, and learning new dance moves. Pursue these activities on your own, or enjoy them as part of a group with other residents.
  • Stay social: Participating in social activities and engaging in conversations regularly will help to stimulate your brain by keeping your spirits up and your mind active. In addition to keeping in touch with your family and friends, stay up to date with our social and entertaining events on campus. Bond with other residents over shared interests, meet at one of our restaurants for a meal, or plan an outing off campus.

To learn more about mental and intellectual wellness at Vinson Hall Retirement Community, contact us today to schedule a tour!

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