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4 Ways to Celebrate National Virginia Day

Residents of the OldDominion might not know it, but Sept. 14 is National Virginia Day! On this special day, we recall the commonwealth’s significance as the cradle of democracy—the epicenter of the American experiment. From its presidents to political theorists, Virginia helped build the foundation for America in the 18th century and continues to be a flagship state in our great nation.

As it happens, Virginia is also one of the best places to live in the 21st century. Located between the Atlantic Coast and the Appalachian Mountains, the commonwealth is home to breathtaking scenery, old towns full of history, gorgeous architecture and picturesque main streets.

Here at Vinson HallRetirement Community, located in McLean in Northern Virginia, we are proud of our state, and we love the opportunity to celebrate our home. For this year’s National Virginia Day, here are 4 ways you can partake in some good old-fashioned Virginia festivities:

1) Take a road trip: The sights and sounds of Virginia are breathtaking, from the Norfolk shipyards to the farms of the Shenandoah. Consider exploring the commonwealth with a day trip to Virginia Beach, Skyline Drive, Colonial Williamsburg or the capital city of Richmond. Hike, shop and sample the best of Virginia!

2) Delve into the rich history of the commonwealth: From museums to state parks, there are endless ways to explore Virginia. Because we are home to eight presidents, you can visit estates such as Mount Vernon or Monticello. If you are in Northern Virginia, a trip to one of Washington, DC’s many Smithsonian museums offers insights intoVirginia history from 1607 to today.

3) Taste the flavors of Virginia: Visit any main street in Virginia and you can find local treats and eats. Our home is known for its delectable cuisines ranging from barbecue along theCrooked Road to apples throughout the Shenandoah Valley. Be sure to experience some nationally renowned Virginia ham!

4) Have a special movie night: Due to its beautiful landscapes, Virginia has often been the backdrop of many movies from a few scenes to entire films. Remember “Deep Impact” and“Hidden Figures”? Check out this list of 20 movies set in Virginia to see our home on the big screen. 

At Vinson Hall RetirementCommunity, there’s always a cause for celebration!



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