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COVID-19 Updates

COVID-19 Update

We are working very diligently at VHRC to keep our residents and staff safe from infection by the COVID-19 virus. Starting in early March, an Emergency Operations Preparedness (EOP) team was brought together and led by our Infection Preventionist. The team had daily teleconferences to discuss local DMV infection rates and to create protocols to protect VHRC staff and residents.

On April 10, we had our first confirmed case of COVID-19 – a staff member tested positive for the virus. The following day we had our first confirmed positive resident case. Since those two positive cases, our community has been focused on reducing the virus’ impact. Our EOP group morphed into an Emergency Operations Containment (EOC) team. This group leads the assessment process and continues to talk daily to put forward guidance to protect the community. Communication remains at the core of all COVID-19 operations. Daily memos and updates are produced, and can be found in the Community Updates section of this webpage.

In addition to written updates, our CEO Libby Bush has been creating video updates. These updates are aired on VHRC’s in-house TV and also shared on our website. Periodically, another member of VHRC’s leadership provides video updates. Please see below for the most recent video update. 

Our initial confirmed positive cases were at Arleigh Burke Pavilion (ABP). Our ABP Administrator Ibrahim Kamara has been creating and sending ABP families daily updates. Those updates too are shared below.

On May 20 we had our first confirmed positive case at The Sylvestery. Following that first case, Antionette Doublin, our Sylvestery Administrator, also began creating and sending daily updates. Please see her updates below.

All of this work would not be possible without the engagement our incredible community of staff, residents and their families, and other supporters. The section Helpers and Heroes shares some of those stories.

In addition to the Helpers and Heroes section, our Philanthropy and Engagement Office – which during this crisis has served as VHRC’s communications center – has produced a twice weekly publication, called The Campus Voice, to share stories of resilience and joy we have been hearing from our residents. Please check those out below.  

Keeping our community informed and updated remains a top priority as we battle COVID-19. Should you have specific questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact one of community administrators.

Randy Fowler, Administrator, Vinson Hall and Willow Oak, (703) 538-3063 or randyf@vinsonhall.org

Ibrahim Kamara, Administrator, Arleigh Burke Pavilion, (703) 506-2124 or ibrahimk@vinsonhall.org

Antionette Doublin, Administrator, The Sylvestery, (703) 970-2700, or antionetted@vinsonhall.org

Rick Bova, COO/CFO, (703) 538-2980 or rbova@vinsonhall.org

COVID-19 Impact at VHRC Summary

Below is a snapshot of the impact of COVID-19 on the VHRC Campus as of June 12. These numbers represent all cases VHRC has had since April 10, 2020. For more details please see the communications shared below.  

Arleigh Burke Pavilion

Confirmed &
Recovered Deaths
27 20 7

The Sylvestery

Confirmed &
Recovered Deaths
5 5 0

Vinson Hall & Willow Oak

Confirmed &

Recovered Deaths
1 0 0

Community Updates

Our most recent community update is shared in the link below. To see previous community updates, please see our Community-wide COVID-19 Updates Archive

Campus-wide Update, July 28

Video Update from Libby Bush, CEO

Libby Bush, VHRC CEO, has been making daily video updates which are shared with our community via our in-house TV.

Please click here to see Libby's update from Tuesday, July 28

Helpers and Heroes

At VHRC we are blessed to have fabulous, dedicated staff and thoughtful residents and a great, supportive community. In this spot will be highlight both. Please check this spot as we will update the news periodically. 

Even without face-to-face meetings, the Vinson Hall Residents’ Association (VHRA) and the Arleigh Burke Pavilion and The Sylvestery Family Council have been able to do great things. In the past few weeks these two groups, led by CAPT Bud Dougherty and Diane O’Keefe for the ABP/TS Family Council and Amb. Ted Russell for VHRA, have raised more than $20,000 for the recent Employee Appreciation Gift, ensuring each hourly staff member received $100. (CAPT Dougherty and Amb. Russell are shown, in masks, in the photo to the right.)
As to why the two groups felt this appreciation was necessary, CAPT Dougherty explained, “In many cases staff had to work extended shifts and had to abide by all the restrictions. ABP and TS staff have been very attentive and caring to the residents there, which is especially important as families are not able to go in. Families have been depending on the extra care that staff have been providing. We felt it was very important that they be recognized.” 

Arleigh Burke Pavilion Updates from Ibrahim Kamara, Administrator

Since April 15, our ABP Administrator Ibrahim Kamara has been sending a daily update to our ABP families. The most recent update is shared in the link below. Previous updates can be found in our ABP COVID-19 Update Archive.

ABP Update, July 14, 2020

The Sylvestery Update from Antionette Doublin, Administrator 

On May 20, a Sylvestery staff member tested positive for COVID-19. Following that positive test, all the residents in The Sylvestery were tested. Antionette Doublin began creating and sharing updates to Sylvestery family members and loved ones. Her most recent updates are below. Previous updates can be found on our Archived Sylvestery COVID-19 Updates page.

TS Update, July 14, 2020

TS Phase 1 Reopening Memo, June 30, 2020 

TS Daily Update, June 16, 2020

TS Daily Update, June 15, 2020

TS Daily Update, June 12, 2020

TS Daily Update, June 10, 2020

TS Daily Update, June 8, 2020

TS Daily Update, June 4, 2020

The VHRC Campus Voice

Starting April 21, we began circulating a two page publication which is produced twice a week to highlight how VHRC residents are coping during the COVID-19 crisis. Please click here to see those publications.

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