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Residents Association

The Vinson Hall Residents Association is an organization of all Vinson Hall residents, operating under Bylaws and Standing Rules adopted by the residents. The purposes of the Association are:

  • To encourage and maintain a cooperative and mutually helpful attitude between the Association and the Management of Vinson Hall.
  • To foster an interest in protecting and preserving the physical properties of Vinson Hall and present concerns of residents through a voting membership on the Board of Directors.
  • To aid the Trustees, Directors, and the Administrator in all ways possible in the administration of Vinson Hall, such as planning for the future by making recommendations for improvements in facilities and services and use of financial resources.
  • To foster an atmosphere of friendliness, dignity and mutual helpfulness among the residents and employees.
  • Through representative committees, to provide communication between the residents as a group and Management, and to develop procedures for entertainment, recreation and other activities that will contribute to the well-being, security and happiness of all residents.
  • To guard the good name and reputation of Vinson Hall, and through all these purposes combined, to materially contribute to both present and future successful operation.

The only requirement for membership in the Residents Association is to be a resident at Vinson Hall. The Association generally meets once each month, and there are no dues. Once you’ve received the keys to your new home at Vinson Hall, please express your interest in participating with the Resident Association to the Vinson Hall Move-In Coordinator or your Resident Sponsor.