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Residents' Assistance Fund

In striving to meet the needs of all of our residents at all levels of care as they age in place, NMCGRF Residents’ Assistance Fund supports veterans and seniors who have outlived their resources. Doing so allows these residents to continue to maintain a quality of life that is dignified, secure, and filled with meaningful experiences and relationships.

Research and Technology

NMCGRF supports VHRC in developing community partnerships, innovative models for senior living, and health and wellness preserving programs. Donations designated for development, research, and technology or enable us to continually build a better future for our residents, as well as other elders.

Wounded Warrior Transitional Housing

 Founded in 2011 and opened in 2013, Wounded Warrior Transitional Housing at Vinson Hall supports wounded, injured, and ill service members' physical, mental, and emotional healing, in an intergenerational setting as they move to the next chapter in their lives. Funded solely through donations given to NMCGRF, six Marines, including three families with small children, and one airman have called this program home to date.