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Resident Assistance Fund

In striving to meet the needs of all of our residents at all levels of care as they age in place, NMCGRF Residents’ Assistance Fund supports veterans and seniors who have outlived their resources. Doing so allows these residents to continue to maintain a quality of life that is dignified, secure, and filled with meaningful experiences and relationships.

Research and Technology

NMCGRF supports VHRC in developing community partnerships, innovative models for senior living, and health and wellness preserving programs. Donations designated for development, research, and technology or enable us to continually build a better future for our residents, as well as other elders.

Wounded Warrior Transitional Housing

The vision for Wounded Warrior Transitional Housing at Vinson Hall was established in 2011. The plan was to help young, wounded veterans who have returned home from conflict and require a special kind of care in an environment that is well suited to their unique needs. Located in idyllic McLean, VA, and home to nearly 300 military officers and government employees, Vinson Hall Retirement Community is uniquely situated to support wounded warriors’ physical, mental, and emotional healing while going through the medical board process. We believe in a community where older warriors can mentor younger warriors by providing a listening ear and words of encouragement. This safe and secure living environment provides easy accessibility to both Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Md., and our nation’s capitol.

After more than two years of raising the required funds to start this program, Vinson Hall welcomed its first wounded warrior in September 2013.

As the program became operational, we recognized the need for a second apartment, which was dedicated to this program in January 2014. This two-bedroom apartment was occupied by a young family of three who stayed there for the remainder of 2014. Our newest wounded warrior family moved in just this winter, demonstrating that the need for these services remains. NMCGRF continues to fund these apartments in support of our brave services members as they transition through a difficult evaluation period.

Our first resident of this program successfully transitioned and retired from the United States Marine Corps in December 2013. After leaving Vinson Hall, he joined his wife in New Haven, Connecticut to attend college as a business major early in 2014. Since then, Wounded Warrior Transitional Housing has served five wounded Marines, including two families with small children.

While all renovations are complete for both apartments, NMCGRF continues to raise funds to support the monthly expenses associated with this program so we can continue serving wounded warriors. With the help of our supporters, we are now able to serve Wounded Warriors of the Army. You can support the project by making a making a tax-deductible gift now or by participating in our upcoming events.